The Fetterolf


These names came from the tombstones in the Mount Eden Cemetery on Springfield Road.  The tombstone is located in front of the garage about 50 feet in.

Samuel J. Fetterolf        1856 — 1922.

LydiaS. Fetterolf         1865 — 1914.

Ruth Ann Fetterolf         1906 – 1935

Lloyd F. Fetterolf          1883 — 1951

Nora E. Fetterolf           1882 — 1952

Harry J. Fetterolf           1892 — 1961

Earl O.  Fetterolf            1897 — 1966

About 50 yards walking towards the back of the cemetery on that same road are the other Fetterolf tombstones.  Those of

Frances M. Harkness     1918–19 90

Walter Dresel                1912 — 1991

Another tombstone has

E. Manton Harkness      1886 — 1949

Another tombstone has.,

Raymond Del Roy         1926 — 1956

Jack Delbert                  1924

Another tombstone has,


David R. Green             1867 — 1934

Rebecca A. Green         1865 — 1931

Another tombstone has,


Nathan S. Fetterolf        1888 — 1972

Vera E. Fetterolf            1893 — 1985


David R. Green married Rebecca Wiser and had two children, Vera and Myrtle; David built a house 956SpringfieldRd Collingdale.


Vera was born in the house at956 Springfield RdCollingdale in 1893

1882 – 1897

The Fetterolf’s’ brothers and sisters, Lloyd Francis Fetterolf’ Nathan S. Fetterolf, Earl O. Fetterolf, Ruth Ann Fetterolf, Harry J. Fetterolf

Arthur was a milkman, Ed took up plumbing, Nate furniture upholsterer, Earl ran the taxi, and Harry assisted in Lloyds’ store, the butcher shop at 59th and Alter Street,Philadelphia.


Lloyd Francis Fetterolf and Carey Fay Lenker married,

Lloyd and Carey were from the SusquehannaValley, both of them, Pennsylvania Dutch. Carey was raised on farms near the town ofHerndon.  Lloyd was born in the coal mining region near Gordon.


Fay was born in 1912, and Hope was born three years later.  1915.


Nora Fetterolf, Lloyds’ older sister converted Carey from the Lutheran religion to the Christian Science Church.


From the Third Annual Reunionof the Fetterolf Families held July 3, 1927 in Columbia Park Bloomsburg, Pa

The merciful and just God has spread our lives and given us health and strength to meet in family reunion here today.  The spirits of the loved ones, who have passed to the great beyond, are either with us or are looking down upon us, we joy and good wishes.  Those of us here today, who have given some of our time trying to trace the names and homes of our most remote ancestors, are informed by carefully piled records that the Fetterolf’s were French Huguenots, who fled from France to Germany 1575 to 1600 where they assisted in bringing about the Reformation. About 60% sacrificed their lives, and some of the survivors descendents in later years immigrated to America,

When the ship, “Nancy”, from Rotterdam, in August, 1750, and the ship “Patience” in September 1753 came our forefathers, all landing at Philadelphia. And earlier immigrants, Peter Fetterolf, lived in Philadelphia County1734 and paid taxes on 150 acres of land.  John, George, Frederick, Mathis, Jacob, Baltzer, Michael and Benjamin Fetterolf are names appearing as revolutionary soldiers, who lived in Lancaster, Burks, Dauphin and upstate counties. These were our ancestors, and to say that we are not descendents of these early settlers in Americais no small honor.

While, naturally, our forefathers were agriculturalists, today.  Their descendents are found in all of the professions and trades; heads of colleges, newspapers, medicine Law manufacturing etc. not a Fetterolf, to my knowledge, has ever been accused or convicted of any local, state or national offense. The name again appears as defenders of the Unionin the Civil War, and is seen on monuments erected on the battlefield at Gettysburg. Those who have taken upon themselves church obligations are chiefly Lutheran, but I find some of those are ministers of other denomination.  Suffice it to say that the Fetterolf clan believe in God, the holy Bible and the 10 Commandments, the birth and resurrection of Christ and to teach this belief to their children.  None of them have ever been guilty of preaching evolution or any other form of infidel propaganda. To those who are now leaving school.  It is not improper to say that after graduation is up to us all to secure real education. You have had a wonderful chance compared to that system which existed in the school days of your ancestors and parent’s. The high school of today equaled the College of 50 years ago.

The problem of moral education always was, and is today, one of the greatest questions facing the world, and especially the citizens of this country. Great progress in transportation, manufacturing and labor saving devices, has greatly reduced the hours of labor, and those hours of rest gain from toil office, shop or factory moral guide. Amusements of all sorts are claiming too much attention, and the former struggle for the necessities of life has changed to a demand for money, and more money, luxury and more luxury, pleasure and more pleasure, all encouraged by dishonest politicians and non-producers.

Rome, Sodomand Gomorrahpaid their moral ends your troll obligations.  The wonderful developments in electricity and the discoveries and inventions of the past 50 years are almost beyond our grasp. Flying across theAtlantic Oceanand across the North Pole; printing 9048 page newspapers in one minute is no longer news; 25 thousands persons were killed and 700,000 injured were crippled last year by automobiles.  With what can we combat this situation?  The answer is- moral education.  For the sake of America, for the sake of our own character, and those of coming generations.  We must have more moral development.

We have many reasons to believe that our fore fathers were honest, hard-working, God-fearing, patriotic men and women.  These hardy pioneers faced many dangers. Making a home in a strange land, cultivating the wilderness.  They had no time for pleasure or diversion.  Theirs was a nobler life.  A comfortable home, enough to support them in old age when they became the beloved guest of their children- no true Christian, man or woman, asks for more; why should they, when the teaching of Scripture forbids it?

Macaulay was right when he said, nine tenths of the calamities which have befallen the human race had no other origin than the union of high intelligence with low desires.  Education without right motives and high ideals is dangerous.  Economy for the love of money is mean but the economy for the sake of independence in old age is the duty of every man.  A little money with peace is better than plenty of money with discord and dishonesty.

The glorious lives and teachings of William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and a 56 signers of the declaration of independence will forever point the way to every American who worships God in spirit and in truth and loves his country. Read the history of these men and you will profit by it.

Let us all be truly thankful for the privilege of meeting here today, and pray that the blessing of God will abide with us forever, that these Reunions will continue when those now present in their parents arms shall have grown to be honored men and women of the future.

Charles G. Fetterolf

2131 N 7th Street



At the age of 42 Carey Fay contracted cancer and Lloyd Valiantly tried to understand why she would refuse medical help.  But the practitioners took the place of doctors from the Christian Science Church, Lloyd allowed Carey to follow her choice.  And when Fay was 16 and hope was 13 they lost their very loving mother


Fay Kramer and her sister Hope Ridgway Godfrey wrote the book.  The Butchers Daughters